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Lady Barrens' Murder Club

The St. Michael's Murders 

Lady Eddie and Catherine Barrens invite you to a night of intrigue, mystery, betrayal and above all -- murder

Lady Edith and Catherine Barrens had an unusual and enthusiastic upbringing due to the early loss of their mother in childbirth and their father's penchant for travel and instructing his girls in critical thinking and deduction. They acquired a great deal of experience in multiple fields and after the death of their father in 1885, moved into new residences at 555 Cavendish Street in the Marylebone district of London and began a consulting agency. Their clients breached all echelons of society, including occasionally assisting the Scotland Yard with more difficult cases. 

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In 1889, the sisters, upon insistent requests from their closest companions, started a club to discuss historic and recent unsolved murder cases called the Lady Barrens' Murder Club.  


Once again, Scotland Yard has called upon their assistance for one of the most gruesome and confounding murder cases in the history of London - the St. Michael's Murders and they in turn have asked their club members to help them  solve the mystery. 

Lady Barrens' Murder Club, January 26th

It will take the club's combined intuition and knowledge to crack a case so entangled in nefarious exploits and depraved collusion as not to be believed.




London, England and

the home of Lady Edith & Catherine Barrens, meeting place of the Lady Barrens' Murder Club


The grisly murders of Geraldine Deadwood, Mary Borthwick & Bryony Blackbourne

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Hell is here on earth, dear one, where the Devil whispers in men's ears and destruction follows.  Our blood lines are raked with a thousands sins, lacking reparations.  There will be no absolution. It is time.  Your sacrifice will not go unnoticed.  The Archangel will deliver you from this world and into the eternal.

Yours truly, 

    St. Michael

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