Lady Barrens'

Murder Club

created by

Millie  &  Molly

Have you ever wanted to slip into another life, live a reckless and exciting night of murder and mayhem? Welcome to the Club. 

Join us and become intimately involved in an intricately woven tale where you could be the number one suspect.

How our Murder Mystery Parties work:

  1. We create an exciting mystery full of jealousy, betrayal, intrigue and of course, murder.

  2. We send you an invitation, a detailed biography of your own unique character and an array of clues.

  3. You arrive to the party dressed up as your character ready to play.

  4. You receive clues throughout the night that will reveal new information to help you solve the mystery.

  5. Someone dies.

  6. We point fingers.

  7. We solve the mystery.

Previous parties

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