How does the Mystery Party work?

Con-Artistsreceive a character, detailed biography, mission and other secret documents ahead of the party.  You become familiar with your own unique character and their special knowledge - the more you know the more fun you have. You don your best 70’s garb and arrive ready to dive into the world of The Heist! 


Accomplices will receive a character and brief biography. This position is great for guests who want to experience the event as an observer - watch the chaos, maybe even solve the puzzle, but not fully interact or receive direct instruction. And of course, you would still don your best 70’s garb and arrive ready to dive into the world of The Heist! 


Is this a show or theatre? No - all guests are directly involved in the event and they are encouraged to affect the world and make choices and speak freely. The majority of people at the event will be guests! This is more of a game than a show.

Do I have to dress up? We highly recommend dressing for your character as it heightens the experience for you and all involved. 

How long is it? The evening is about 2 and a half hours of actioned packed play time.

Can I share my bio and secrets with my friend or date? We ask that you do not reveal your personal bio or details with any other guests and definitely not with the public. The evening is way more fun when all discovery happens at the party.

Is this game done anywhere else or for sale to other groups? No - this game was crafted specifically for this event and venue. It is completely customized! If you are interested in buying an event - please contact us at

How involved will I be? 

Con Artists - If you have chosen a Con-Artist ticket - then you will be directly involved in many aspects of the night. You will have tasks, secrets specifically for you, and personal relationships with other characters.

Accomplices - Accomplices have a character and some basic relationships - but they do not get asked to perform specific tasks or speak to the group. This is perfect for someone who prefers to watch the drama unfurl rather than being a part of it!

Can we come as a couple? We do have some characters who have romantic relationships with other characters, but not all couples will be cast this way. Some couples may be cast with completely opposing missions. While we do try to take couples into consideration, it is not always possible.

Are participants under 21 allowed? No, unfortunately. This is a 21+ event only.

Can I tell my friends about it after? Absolutely! But we ask that you don’t share the secrets of the evening so that everyone can experience as you did. So no details, please - we all know what they say about snitches.