explore fear.


We, at The Barrens Theatre, want to examine the intricacies of human behavior, how we cope with fear and hope and desire in scary places.

That’s our mission statement. While we cannot currently devise and create art using our previous methods, we find ourselves at a moment in time where we can embody our mission individually. 


The all-white founding group of the Barrens Theatre co commits to examine our human behavior and that of our fellow privileged friends and families. We recognize our small yet impactful platform of having an audience, and want to make this clear:


We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We condemn the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Sean Reed, and countless others. We condemn police violence. 


When we crafted our mission, we were focused on the type of art that excites and inspires us. As artists of privilege, that did not explicitly include amplifying diverse voices. We recognize that the work we’ve done thus far isn’t enough. We commit to updating our policies to include actively anti-racist action steps, as well as to more aggressively pursue anti-racist themes and discussions into our art. 

At the moment, we are working as individuals to self-educate and reflect. As our summer progresses, we will organize and share with you our intended future plans and actions. If you are interested in engaging with us directly, please reach out to barrenstheatreco@gmail.com


In the meantime, if you are looking for resources to self-educate or to directly contribute funds or time to anti-racist organizations, please view the links below. 


There is no such thing as one-sided liberation. This reckoning will free us all. 


With love plus work to be done,

the Barrens Theatre co 


Self-Education resources


Contribution to the movement resources


Do you have a resource you’d like us to add to the list? Please email us at barrenstheatreco@gmail.com